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    This website is intended to be a guiding light; a little bit of help, in the search for wild places and the birds and other wildlife which inhabit them. A bit of it is my research and the results; research into where are the best places to visit so I can see the birds and other wildlife I dream of, and the results of my travels over the last 40 years. I have been fortunate enough to have visited all seven continents, some several times - but most of the website is based on information gleaned from books, trip reports and the internet, published and posted by numerous unselfish individuals and organisations who make the effort to record their own travel experiences and share them. Some of these people, as well as those who have very kindly provided me with so many world-class images to make the website so attractive, I know and have thanked personally. Many I don't know and to them I offer my sincere thanks for helping to make this website what it is.

    Photograph of (Short-beaked) Common Dolphins

    Common Dolphins off North Island, New Zealand by Graham Ekins.

    Many thanks to Lee Dingain for helping to build this website and to John Foster for helping to polish it.