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    A beautiful Tigress by Peter Alfrey.

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    The destinations listed and linked below are the ones we believe are the best in the world to see Tigers.

    If there are any other destinations you think should be on the list then please Email us.

    The destinations are listed alphabetically with very brief summaries. For more details click on the destination name.

    India - Northeastern
    A chance in Kaziranga NP.

    India - Northern
    Seeing a Tiger is not guaranteed anywhere, especially on the traditional Northern India circuit which includes the now less than reliable site of Ranthambhore NP, but the chances of seeing at least one are high in Kanha NP and especially Bandhavgarh NP, at least one of which can easily be added to a Northern India itinerary. The presence of these magnificent animals in Northern India helps make this A Top Ten Destination.

    A chance in Bardia NP, Chitwan NP and Suklaphanta WR.