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  • Photograph of Quail Plover

    Cameroon is one of the few places where it is possible to see the strange Quail Plover. This one was photographed there by Simon Colenutt.

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    Photograph of African Swallow-tailed Kite

    The superb African Swallow-tailed Kite at Mora in Cameroon by Lars Petersson.

    Best Birds and other wildlife in Cameroon


    Mount Cameroon Francolin, Bannerman’s Turaco, Banded Wattle-eye, Mount Cameroon Speirops and Bates's Weaver.

    30 or so near-endemics (mostly shared with southeast Nigeria and/or the Gulf of Guinea island of Bioko) include Cameroon Olive Pigeon, Green-breasted and Mount Kupe Bushshrikes, Yellow-breasted Boubou, Mountain Sawwing, greenbuls, Bamenda Apalis, Green Longtail, Bangwa Forest, Black-capped Woodland and White-tailed Warblers, Crossley’s Ground Thrush, White-throated Mountain and Spotted Thrush Babblers, Ursula’s Sunbird, Bannerman’s Weaver, Red-headed (Woodhouse’s) Antpecker and Little (Shelley’s) Oliveback.

    Other specialities
    Quail Plover, Egyptian Plover, Bare-cheeked Trogon, Chocolate-backed Kingfisher, Black Bee-eater, Grey-headed and Rufous-sided Broadbills, and Red-headed Picathartes. Also a chance of Black Guineafowl, Long-tailed Hawk, Arabian and Savile’s Bustards, Brown-chested Lapwing, Vermiculated Fishing Owl, Fraser’s Eagle Owl, Sjostedt’s Owlet, Golden, Pennant-winged and Standard-winged Nightjars, Blue Cuckoo Shrike and Spotted Creeper.

    African Swallow-tailed Kite, Black Crowned Crane, Grey Pratincole, African Skimmer, Abyssinian and Blue-bellied Rollers, and hornbills including White-crested, as well as Hartlaub’s Duck, francolins, Hadada Ibis, Hamerkop, Grasshopper and Red-necked Buzzards, White-bellied Bustard, Four-banded Sandgrouse, Bruce’s Green Pigeon, Adamawa Turtle Dove, Senegal Parrot, Red-headed Lovebird, Great Blue, Green, Violet, White-crested and Yellow-billed Turacos, cuckoos, Verreaux’s Eagle Owl, Bar-tailed and Narina’s Trogons, kingfishers, bee-eaters, woodhoopoes, barbets, woodpeckers, Chestnut and Yellow-bellied Wattle-eyes, Senegal Batis, Black-headed Gonolek, shrikes including Emin’s, Bates’s and Red-bellied Paradise Flycatchers, Piapiac, swallows including White-throated Blue, Sennar Penduline Tit, greenbuls, Oriole Warbler (Moho), Cricket Warbler, Banded and River Prinias, Tit Hylia, Vanga Flycatcher, Heuglin’s Wheatear, Black Scrub Robin, robin chats, alethes, akalats, starlings including Chestnut-bellied and White-collared, sunbirds including Pygmy, Oriole Finch, Sudan Golden Sparrow, malimbes, weavers, firefinches, pytilias, Dybowski’s Twinspot and Exclamatory Paradise Whydah. Also a chance of Saddle-billed Stork and White-spotted Flufftail.

    Giraffe, Roan, Topi, Red-fronted Gazelle, and Guereza Colobus, Preuss’s Red Colobus, Crowned, Red-capped Mangabey, Mona, Patas, Putty-nosed and Red-tailed Monkeys. Also a chance of African Elephant, Lion and Sand Fox, and an outside chance of Drill.

    Nile Crocodile.

    Best Sites for Birds and other wildlife in Cameroon