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  • Photograph of Black-browed Albatross

    Black-browed Albatross by Jon Hornbuckle.

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    The destinations listed and linked below are the ones we believe are the best in the world to see albatrosses.

    If there are any other destinations you think should be on the list then please Email us.

    The destinations are listed alphabetically. For more details click on the destination name.

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  • Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands
    Wandering, both Royal, Light-mantled, Black-browed and Grey-headed, plus millions more other seabirds help make this A Top Ten Destination.

    Atlantic Odyssey
    Wandering, Tristan, both Royal, Sooty, Light-mantled, Black-browed, Grey-headed and (Atlantic) Yellow-nosed, plus 30 more seabirds.

    Australia - Eastern
    Gibson's, Shy (White-capped), Black-browed, Campbell and (Indian) Yellow-nosed all possible on boat trips out of Sydney, Eden and Wollongong.

    California - Northern
    Black-footed Albatrosses possible on boat trips out of Bodega Bay and Monterey.

    Buller's and Salvin's, plus a chance of Wandering, both Royal and Chatham on boat trips out of Quintero, and Black-browed around Tierra del Fuego.

    Falkland Islands
    Colonies of Black-browed and a chance of Wandering, both Royal, Shy and Grey-headed in rough weather.

    Colonies of Waved Albatross and lots of other seabirds.

    A colony of Laysan and a chance of Black-footed (about a million of which nest on the remote Midway Atoll).

    Black-footed and Laysan, plus a chance of Short-tailed.

    Kamchatka (and the Kuril and Commander Islands) - Russia
    Laysan, and a chance of Black-footed and Short-tailed.

    New Zealand
    Antipodean, Gibson's, Snowy, both Royal (including a colony of Northern), Salvin's (Shy), White-capped (Shy), (Northern) Buller's, Black-browed, Campbell and Grey-headed, plus a chance of (Southern) Buller's.

    New Zealand - Subantarctic Islands
    Antipodean, Gibson's, Snowy, both Royal, Light-mantled, Chatham, Salvin's (Shy), White-capped (Shy), both Buller's, Black-browed, Campbell and Grey-headed, many in colonies, make this the albatross capital of the world!

    Pacific Odyssey
    Short-tailed, Laysan, Black-footed, Gibson’s, Snowy, White-capped (Shy), Black-browed and Campbell, as well as a chance of Antipodean, Northern Royal and (Northern) Buller’s.

    Peru - Southern
    Waved Albatrosses on boat trips out of Lima on which it is also possible to see Swallow-tailed Gulls.

    South Africa - Western
    White-capped (Shy), Black-browed and both Yellow-nosed, plus a chance of Wandering and Northern Royal.