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    Grizzly Bear in Katmai National Park, Alaska, by Francesco Veronesi.

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    The destinations listed and linked below are the ones we believe are the best in the world to see Grizzly Bears.

    If there are any other destinations you think should be on the list then please Email us.

    The destinations are listed alphabetically. For more details click on the destination name.

    Fishing for salmon at McNeil River SGS and Katmai NP, and elsewhere at places such as Denali NP and Kodiak (Island) NWR.

    Alaska - Southeast
    Possibly fishing for salmon at Anan Creek Wildlife Observatory and Pack Creek, Admiralty Island.

    Alberta - Canada
    In the Rockies, especially Banff and Jasper NPs.

    British Columbia (Western Canada)
    Fishing for salmon in the Orford River Valley and near Great Bear Lodge, and also close-up near Tweedsmuir Park Lodge.

    Yellowstone, Wyoming - USA
    Along with Black Bears, Wolves and Bison.

    Grizzly Bears are the North American subspecies of Brown Bears. Other subspecies of Brown Bears can be seen at the following destinations ...



    Italy - Abruzzo National Park

    Kamchatka - Russia


    Spain - Northwestern